About Annoviant

Annoviant (Formerly TGen Tech) was founded with a firm conviction that innovations in medical device technologies are needed for the betterment of society. Our team leverages over 200 years of collective relevant experience. Our patented breakthrough technologies improve soft tissue healing. To begin with, we are focused on pediatric cardiovascular applications.


Our vision is to be the world leader for soft tissue healing technologies.


To enable healthier lives for millions of children and adults worldwide.


Tissue-based medical devices that heal and grow with the body.

The technology is leveraged for the pulmonary valved conduit for the pediatric population suffering life threatening congenital heart disease (CHD). Our proprietary technology has shown clinical advantages over the existing commercial products. The technology is being explored for various applications.

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Regenerative (can grow with patient)


Calcification (plaque)-Resistant




Our Team

CEO and Co-founder (Ph.D. MBA)

Ajay Houde

Ajay is a strategic & results-oriented leader with a strong track record of development & launch of differentiated medical technologies and products. He is a visionary & an award-winning innovator with several patents & scientific publications. He is passionate about making a positive difference.

CTO and Co-founder (Ph.D.)

Naren Vyavahare

Naren is Director of Cardiovascular Implant Research at South Carolina Bioengineering Centre of Regeneration and Formation of Tissues (SC BioCRAFT) and Hunter Endowed Chair at Clemson University. Naren is an inventor and author of 80+ research publications.

Clinical Advisor (M.D)

John E. Mayer

Dr. Mayer has more than 35 years of experience in pediatric medicine and has authored 345 peer-reviewed clinical journal publications. John is currently a Senior Associate in cardiac surgery at Boston Children’s and Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School.

Clinical Advisor (M.D)

Robert J. Levy

Dr. Levy holds several prestigious positions. To name a few, Dr. Levy is the Principal Investigator and Chair of the Philadelphia Pediatric Device Consortium (PPDC) Clinical and Scientific Advisory Committee; the Endowed Chair in Pediatric Cardiology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP); Section Chief for Research in the Division of Cardiology at CHOP.

Pre-clinical Advisor (B.S.)

Richard Bianco

A Prof. & Director of Experimental Surgery at Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota’s Medical School. Richard has authored research articles focused on pre-clinical trials of cardiovascular devices, mainly prosthetic heart valves. He is actively involved in The American Heart Association & the Heart Valve Society of America.

Strategy Officer

Patrice Gerard

A dynamic and engaging leader with demonstrated experience building and motivating high performing teams to achieve measurable results. Patrice brings over 25 years of operating experience, entrepreneurial leadership and global experience in the healthcare industry.

Legal Counsel

Brit Young

An innovative attorney with extensive experience as General Counsel and corporate attorney with over 18 years of experience, including with a start-up healthcare company, and mergers and acquisitions.

Co-inventor (Ph. D)

Dan Simionescu

Dan is a Professor of Bioengineering & Director of Biocompatibility & Tissue Regeneration Laboratory at Clemson University. He has 35+ years of clinical research experience in cardiovascular and translational regenerative medicine. He has authored ten patents & several applications.

Acct & Finance Officer (MBA)

Pramod Sathe

Accomplished Finance and Accounting Executive with Global Experience. Developed and implemented robust systems and controls to drive rapid growth, optimize cash flow, and maintain regulatory compliance for early- & mid-stage, high-growth companies.

Research Engineer (Ph.D)

Jhilmil Dhulekar

Vascular tissue engineering expert, Jhilmil posseses excellent laboratory research skills and experience managing collaborative research projects.